The Clean Energy Council recommends periodic servicing of your solar system to ensure that you increase your power production potential and that you extend out the life expectancy of your solar system. Protect your investment with a scheduled solar service from one of our trained solar technicians.

Coffs Solar Energy offers professional solar system servicing.

Our Solar System Servicing Includes:

Electrical Check 

We check all electrical components including the DC and AC cabling, circuit breakers and isolators. We make sure that there is no earth leakage or water ingress.

Safety Check

We check the entire solar mounting system to make sure that all the fixtures and fittings are firmly secure and in place. We remove any debris that may have accumulated under the panels and we make sure that there are no exposed cables or connectors.


A professional clean of your solar system will ensure that your solar panels are left sparkling clean and free of any debris or grime which inhibits the solar generation. Clean solar panels will generate more power and maximise your return on investment.

Performance Check 

We check the output of the solar system and benchmark it against expected output. We also record the total KW production and work out your self-consumption vs export percentage. If you have a power bill handy we can also work out how much money you have saved by having the solar system installed.

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