Do you know the difference between an ‘all of system’ warranty and a ‘workmanship’ warranty?

Lately, we have seen these ridiculous and very misleading claims of 5, 10, 12 and even 15-year workmanship warranties offered by ‘pop up’ solar companies and even some of the bigger ‘dodgy’ national solar companies.

The more we try an investigate what these companies are ‘warranting’, the more we are left scratching our head in disbelief.  Apart from the most obvious flaw being no actual description of this workmanship warranty and what it covers in the trade contract – if they actually have one, the big problem is that it covers NOTHING.

It seems that what Mr Cowboy Solar Co. is saying is that they warrant that the solar system will stay fixed to you roof and not blow off on the next storm!.

What is not covered is the true workmanship. How has the solar system been designed and configured? What size isolators have been used? what brand? How have roof penetrations been sealed? How is solar conduit fixed/secured in the roof cavity? has the system been networked? There are literally hundreds of fixtures and fittings used on a typical solar installation and a true workmanship warranty should cover every item supplied and installed.

Lucky for you there is a way to tell the difference between useless workmanship warranties and the real deal. A company that offers a true workmanship warranty will not call it a ‘workmanship’ warranty – rather they will call it an ‘all-of-system’ warranty.

At Coffs Solar Energy, we offer a  5 year all of system warranty which covers you for everything and anything for a period of 60 months from the date of commissioning.

Be smart folks. If you can’t read anywhere what a workmanship covers – then you have no cover!



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