Coffs Solar Energy is your local Tesla Powerwall dealer.

Coffs Solar Energy is an authorised reseller and certified installer of the new Tesla Powerwall home battery system.

If you order a Tesla Powerwall from Coffs Solar Energy, then you will have this home battery system installed by our licensed solar electricians who hold Tesla installation accreditation. We do not sub-contract out the installation of the Tesla Powerwall. Coffs Solar Energy is the only local solar company with in-house solar electricians qualified to install the new Tesla Powerwall.

What is the Powerwall?

The Powerwall is a modern Lithium-Ion home battery system that turns your home’s solar PV panels into an all day resource. The Tesla Powerwall enables more of your home’s electricity demands to come from clean solar-generated energy.

When solar panels produce more energy than what is drawn by the home, excess solar energy is fed back to the grid. The Tesla Powerwall enables a homeowner to capture this excess solar energy produced during the day and to then utilise this clean energy at night. The result is greater self-consumption of the solar generation and reduced energy costs.

Tesla Powerwall + SMA Sunnyboy Storage

Most solar companies that have their Tesla certification promote a configuration that requires special optimisers to be installed with new solar panels or retrofitted to existing solar panels. We don’t like this setup, it’s complicated…


Our Tesla Powerwall configuration is far more simplified. We use the new SMA Sunnyboy Storage as our energy management interface. Your existing solar panels are connected to an SMA string inverter. Solar energy is converted to 240 v AC power when is fed into your mains power line. The Sunnyboy Storage can sense when to allow this energy to be fed direct into your home or if surplus ‘solar’ energy needs to be fed into the Tesla Powerwall. The objective is not to feed any solar energy into the grid.

Retrofit ?

Using your existing solar panels is fine although we do recommend a minimum of 5kW’s of solar panels be installed. This system can be made to work with existing string inverters. However, you would need an SMA inverter to be able to get solar generation information as part of your new home energy monitoring solution (web and app).

tesla-powerwallProducts Required
  • 5 kW’s of solar panels
  • SMA String inverter
  • Sunnyboy Storage
  • SMA Energy Meter
  • Telsa Powerwall

Download the Tesla Powerwall Brochure here

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