Our premium range of solar equipment is configured with Trina Solar Panels, Radiant Roof Mounting and either SMA or Fronius solar inverters.

Trina Solar manufacture Tier 1 rated solar panels. Trina Solar is Officially ranked the No 1 global solar panel manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Trina Solar offers a 10-year full replacement product warranty underwritten against Australian consumer law. They also offer a 25-year linear performance output warranty. All Trina Solar panel warranties are facilitated and dealt with through Coffs Solar Energy. Consumers can at any time contact their Sydney office for further help or support.

We fix our Trina solar panels to various roof structures using Radiant Roof Mounting. Radiant is an Australian Company that specialises in high quality – long life solar mounting structures. Their equipment comes with an unmatched 15 years product integrity warranty.

Our 1.5kW, 2.0kW and 2.5kW premium solar systems are matched with the very latest German made SMA SunnyBoy 1.5 & 2.5kW solar inverters. SMA Australia looks after all warranty claims and service requests here in Australia, although with a failure rate of less than 0.1%, we doubt that you ever need to make that call. A 5-year product warranty comes as standard with an option to increase that to either 10 years or 15 years with a small premium surcharge payable to SMA Australia.

Our 3.0kW, 4.0kW and 5.0kW premium solar systems are matched with the highly regarded Austrian made Fronius Primo Range of solar inverters. Coffs Solar Energy is an authorised Fronius Service agent which means that we are licensed by Fronius to inspect, repair or service their range of string inverters. Fronius Australia offers local level warranty support. All residential Fronius inverters come with a standard 5 year product warranty. An option does exist to extend this out to 10 years with a small premium surcharge payable to Fronius Australia.

We offer a complete ‘all-of-system.’ comprehensive 5 years warranty on all solar products supplied and installed by Coffs Solar Energy.

Please note: The price advertised against our premium solar systems on our solar system packages page is for the equipment only. The price is net of STC’s which will be assigned over to Coffs Solar Energy in return for a point of sale discount. Supply only pricing (no Installation) is only applicable within 50kM of our local office (Coffs Harbour). The installation component will be quoted for after a site survey by our in-house licensed solar electrician. Any metering work cost is covered in our installation quote.

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