The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a game changer. With a massive 13.5kW of usable energy storage, the majority of Australian homes could achieve total energy independence by having this device installed along with a sufficiently sized solar PV system.

The Powerwall 2 AC unit is a retrofittable battery. This is the model you would buy if you already have a working solar system in place, being solar panels and a solar inverter(s). The Powerwall 2 AC has a built-in battery inverter charger which means that it can safely convert your self-generated solar AC energy back into DC energy for efficient storage. The key factor here is that you can keep your existing solar inverter(s) in place. There is no need to swap your inverter over for a new hybrid inverter.

AC line diagram

AC line diagram

It works like this. Your solar system works just like normal. Solar panels created DC which is then converted to AC power through your solar inverter. This solar AC energy is fed into your home through your main meter. Surplus solar AC power (energy that your home does not use) is then fed back to the Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery rather than back to the grid. The Powerwall 2 AC has a built in battery inverter which converts the solar AC energy back to DC energy for safe storage.





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