The hype at the moment is the projected rapid growth in the residential solar energy storage market. Sometimes referred to as a hybrid energy storage system, this is the term given to a grid-connected solar system that has connected battery storage.

Grid connected solar energy storage allows 24-hour access to your self-generated clean solar energy.

Solar energy storage is not new, what is new is the type of equipment used.  Some ‘old school’ solar electricians favour the ‘dinosaur’ battery storage system used for the last 20+ years. This older style solar energy storage system comprises of lead-acid batteries, ugly storage cabinets and a multitude of various charge controllers and components. This system is potentially dangerous because of the highly combustible gases released during the charge and discharge cycles. New solar installation standards require a purpose-built and well-ventilated storage location.

We prefer the very latest and safest compact hybrid energy storage systems using lithium-Ion battery technology coupled with sophisticated energy management controllers.

This modern solar energy storage system will give you a significantly longer service life, and allow a much greater depth of discharge. A compact Lithium-Ion battery system systems can be installed in the same location as your existing solar inverter which for most people is in their garage. You do not need a purpose built or a well-ventilated storage location for a lithium-Ion battery solar system.

We have three HYBRID energy storage solutions using the very latest Lithium-Ion battery tech available now. Our range includes the Tesla Powerwall. Coffs Solar Energy is an authorised Telsa Powerwall retailer and installer.

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Tesla Powerwall + Sunnyboy storage - Available Now
Telsa Powerwall + Fronius Hybrid (3 phase) - Available Now
LG Chem + Sungrow Hybrid - Available Now
LG Chem + SMA Sunny Island (UPS) - Available Now

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