How much does a solar system cost?

If you would like to know how much does a solar system cost then this article is good for you. Each month Solar Choice produces a report which shows the average solar system cost across all States. The solar PV average price index for September 2015 has just been released.  We have summarized the information to report on the average cost of systems in NSW. The below table shows the average system cost (installed after rebates) per system size across all states. Average national solar system prices dipped slightly between August and September 2015 but the solar choice report indicated that NSW was one of the few States that had an increase in the average system price which has been put down to an increase in the number of premium solar systems sold plus an increase in metering costs thanks to price rises imposed by the utility companies on the solar meters which they supply.

The below table represents the average installed price for each sized solar system in August and September.

2015 stats 1.5 kW 2.0 kW 3.0 kW 4.0 kW 5.0 kW 10.0 kW
NSW – August Average $3,715 $4,163 $5,353 $6,822 $8,202 $15,194
NSW – September Average $3,808 $4,198 $5,408 $6,924 $8,055 $14,357

You can see that most system costs have increased slightly up to 4.0 kW’s in size. Average installed prices for 5.0 kW and 10.0 kW systems have dropped.

If we look at the average cost of a 3kW solar system across all States in September we can see more uniform pricing – except Perth/WA which had the lowest average installed cost of $4,352 and Tasmania which had the highest average installed cost of $6,118.

3.0 kW Cost
New South Wales $5,408
South Australia $4,928
Queensland $5,533
Canberra/ACT $5,481
Victoria $5,195
Western Australia $4,352
Tasmania $6,118
Average/All States $5,288


A significantly higher price than the average indicated price may be an indication of a high pressure sale where you may be offered a “SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY”

A significantly lower price than the average indicated price may be an indication of a desperate ‘fire’ sale whereby a company is trying to pull in whatever revenue it can to stay afloat. The risk being that you are left stranded when the company liquidates.

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