If you are currently exporting all of your solar energy back into the electricity grid for a credit of 20c or 60c per kWh then you must arrange to change your gross solar meter to a net solar meter before 31 December 2016 or you will end up receiving no benefit from your solar energy system. If you do not change your meter then you will continue to export all your solar power into the grid for zero return.
Most people on the 60c feed-in tariff will try to postpone their meter swap over until the end of the Solar Bonus Scheme however doing this does expose you to some risks:
1. With 146,000 NSW residents on the Solar Bonus Scheme we have been advised that there will more than likely be a significant delay on net meter stock that could see solar residents stuck with a gross meter well into 2017.
2. The other advice that we have been given is that there could well be a price increase from the 1st July 2016 imposed by the Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) for both the single phase net meters and for the application fee needed to lodge a meter change. The current price that we offer existing clients of ours for a net meter swap is $295 incl GST. This includes the cost of the meter, the installation and a processing fee imposed by Essential Energy. There was a massive price hike in July this year so it is highly likely we will see increased fees and charges once again from July 2016.
The good news is that you do have three options available to you.
a) Swap over to a SINGLE PHASE NET METER now. (First you will use your solar energy and any surplus solar energy is then exported and you will be credited at 60c per kWh)
b) Swap over to a SINGLE PHASE 2 DUAL GROSS/NET METER now. (You can continue to benefit from the full 60c gross feed-in tariff right until the end of the scheme & we can simply alter the configuration of this meter early 2017 to that of a net meter supply)
c) Schedule in a meter change in advance. By using our online registration tool you can select the date that you would like your gross meter changed to a net meter. (the price will be subject to change and meter stock subject to availability) http://www.coffssolar.com.au/our-services/meter-change/

To book in a meter change or request pricing please click here: coffssolarenergy.com.au/request-a-meter-change/

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