Spring Solar Sale

  1. Advertised price is based on the installation of the specified solar system on a single storey property flush mounted on a metal/colorbond roof.
  2. A surcharge is applicable for double storey, tile roof or tilt frame installations.
  3. A site survey is required
  4. Offer only applicable to installations within 100kM of local office.
  5. Price does not include metering. A site survey will determine if you need single phase Net Metering, single phase Net/Gross Metering, Three Phase Net Metering or if no meter is required.
  6. The STC’s applicable to these systems will be assigned over to Coffs Solar Energy in return for a point of sale discount.
  7. Grid connection application included.
  8. Offer expires 30/10/2015 unless extended

Solar System Packages

  1. Energy output estimates per day is based on average annual production for the Coffs Coast Region for a solar system orientated Due North on a roof pitch of 25 deg
  2. Yearly Savings Estimate is based on total annual production ^ as above, with 100% of the solar energy consumed at an estimated offset cost of 28c per kWh incl GST


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